About the Owner

Jared Broker Suit Sml PicHey everybody.  Thanks for visiting Autoclave Reviews.  I’m Jared.  I was a US Navy Hospital Corpsman for eight years, from 2001 – 2009.

I’ve been a Surgical Tech since going through the course at the Naval School of Health Sciences in 2002.  Since then, I’ve assisted with a wide array of surgical cases. I have worked in an 18 room OR at Naval Medical Center San Diego, different clinics, field hospitals, a plastic surgeon’s office, and a small local hospital OR.

I wanted to share my knowledge about sterilizers and combine it with my new passion, building web sites.  Honestly, I am now burned out with surgery, so I’m turning my attention to my Internet businesses.

I have a few goals with this autoclave site.  One is to give you the info to buy the perfect sterilizer for you business.  Another is to educate you about the sterilization process.  Lastly, I want to help you find the right autoclave parts should your machine give error codes or stop working.

I have tweaked, cursed, repaired, and ordered many sterilizers over the years.  Maybe I can pass my hard learned lessons on to you and save you a bit of suffering!

My Experiences with Different Autoclaves

Each autoclave presented their own challenge when it came to decontaminating and sterilizing instruments.  When we were in a combat zone or a hospital ship, we had these large, round sterilizer chambers.

Gravity Field Autoclave
Sort of Like our Sterilizers in Iraq

At dental or surgical clinics, there were usually table top models.  I have personally used some Tuttnauer and Midmark ones.  These were for small packs of instruments, gauze, or draping.  These are the best autoclaves for dentist’s offices, veterinary clinics, or small surgical clinics.

Other sterilizers served entire operating rooms in sterile supply, sometimes called CPD, CSSD, or some other acronym.  I even used the big steam gravity field type sterilizers in a field hospital in Iraq.

I kept imagining that they would blow up and take out half of our little two and a half room OR!  They would always shoot steam into the ceiling of our taken over Iraqi buildings on our air base.  It was loud as shit…

Starting Your Sterilizer Search

There is always a growing demand for small sterilizers in many different types of businesses.  Some being: tattoo shops, dentist offices, surgical clinics, nail salons, dog groomers, mushroom growers.  The list goes on.

This site will start to focus on the tabletop models and over time move up in size.  Please comment and ask questions so I can get a feel for the needs of the community.

I will be looking at things like specs, capacity, construction, and customer reviews.  I hope to break down the top machines in each category and present them to you in a straight forward way.  You have to make your own decision about the one that is right for you.

A good idea is to write down the amount of instruments you need to process per week.  Your sterilizer needs to have the right dimensions for your business or practice.  That is one of the biggest concerns.

Jared Broker Scrubbing Iraq
Me scrubbing in Iraq

There have been many injuries, infections, deaths, and lawsuits arising from gear that was not properly sterilized.  If you are thinking that you can get something cheap to merely satisfy a code, I would urge you to think again.

The difference between a decent sterilizer and a quality one could be the difference of your business failing or succeeding.  People don’t think through the implications of having shoddy medical equipment.  These issues can really be devastating in a host of different ways.

There are large supply systems in place for hospitals and institutions to learn about their large steam sterilizers, so I am keeping it small as I start out this site.  Hopefully, it can become a valuable resource for those of you who may be running a tattoo shop, dental office, clinic, small operating room, you get the picture!

I hope to compile useful information about sterilizers and the processes they go through.  My main focus for now is on the tabletop models.  They are the most widely used.  Through the research I’ve done, it looks like Midmark Ritter and Tuttnauer are the top brands.

I thought I’d give you that quick tip if you need an autoclave quick.  Thanks for checking out the site.  And could you do me a favor?  Share this on a related social media page or leave a comment with a question or two.

Jared Broker Humvee RideHave a good one, Jared.