Benchtop Autoclaves Directory – Machines Covered on this Site

This is a growing list of table top steam sterilizers that I’ve covered so far.  I’m keeping this site focused on compact autoclaves that fit on the counter.  These are popular machines used by millions of offices including: surgical, dentists, veterinarians, tattoo artists, nail salons, etc.

List of Autoclaves I’ve Reviewed

I divide the sterilizers by autoclave company and (loosely) on categories of their types.

Tuttnauer Corporation

  • 1730 Valueklave: Budget, dial operated, table top workhorse.
  • 2540m and km: Mid size, manual bench top machine.
  • 3870 Series: Large and versatile with a few model types.
  • Elara 11: Cutting edge, recently upgraded Tuttnauer autoclave, class B, pre vac and post vac.
  • EZ9 and EZ10: Computer automated, one button sterilizer.

Midmark Corporation

  • M3 Ultrafast: Compact, automatic, cassette autoclave.
  • Ritter M9 and M11: Large, automated table top sterilizers.

Misc. Autoclaves

  • Statim 2000 G4 and 5000 G4: Cassette fed, compact, new technology upgrades.
  • Pressure Cooker Sterilizers: Stove top, stainless steel and simple (needs monitoring).
  • Prestige Classic 2100 Portable Electric: Light and compact sterilizer that looks like the pressure cooker types, but is fully electric and automatic.

The best autoclave brands (manufacturers) for medical use are Midmark, Tuttnauer, and Scican.  These form the bulk of my video reviews on the “Autoclave Reviews” Youtube channel.

Leave a comment or hit the contact tab at top if you want me to investigate any other steam sterilizers or you have questions about the sterilization process in general.  I’ll do my best to give you the details you need for buying an autoclave or learning about sterilization.

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