What is a Flash Sterilization Cycle?

A flash is when we need something sterilized quickly.  In my experience, it was from a dropped instrument, one that was found just in time, or it came from another facility.

Usually the flash sterilization cycle is the fastest one programmed into the autoclave.  It is often gravity (without a vacuum cycle).  Depending on the sterilizer you’re using, the buttons might be called gravity or flash.

Some countries and corporations have put limits to the use of gravity sterilization, so its use is dependent.

Flashing Dropped Surgical Instruments

In the operating room, one of the few reasons we would flash an instrument is if it was vital to surgery, we only had one of them, and it got dropped from the sterile field.

We do what we have to in some situations.  If the surgeon needs that instrument to proceed, we are going to flash it!

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