Midmark Corporation (Overview of Business)

Midmark’s headquarters are in Dayton, Ohio with admin and production located in Versailles, Ohio.    They have four subsidiaries in the US as well as those in Italy, India, and France. Midmark has roughly 1500 employees.

Their main business is to provide solutions to the medical and veterinary industries.  I’m interested in this company for their table top autoclaves that are widely used across the world.  I personally used a Midmark M11 in a plastic surgeon’s office in my past life as a surgical tech.  It was a workhorse that ran at least three cycles of surgical instruments and packs per day.

Their steam sterilizers have an excellent reputation in the medical field and they have the elusive A+ at the Better Business Bureau.  All these facts are why I have been creating overview pages about their benchtop models.

Midmark is big in the dental industry with their high quality dental chairs in addition to the sterilizers.  Their table top autoclaves are found in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, dentists’ offices, veterinarian clinics, and many other locations.

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