The Sturdy Midmark M9 and M11 Table Top Autoclaves Compared

Midmark M11 ChamberThe Midmark M9 and M11 autoclaves are automatic, compact, table top machines.  Midmark is known for reliability and high quality devices.

Their machines are used in tens of thousands of facilities and offices across the world.  I’ve worked with a few of them and can vouch for their ease of use and effectiveness.

The M9 and M11 are very similar.  That’s why I”m covering them both in this article.  Here are some links to the questions I see most frequently.

This is one of my first videos that cover autoclaves, so go easy on the comments about its terribleness!

It’s weird to talk to the computer while shooting at first, to tell the truth.  I haven’t done it in a while.  Those images are me as a Hospital Corpsman in a Humvee on Camp Pendleton and two stock photos I like.  The tube on the right is supposed to be the world’s largest autoclave!

There can be some confusion with the “Midmark Ritter Ultraclave” phrases for this sterilizer.  To sum it all up, the company of the autoclave is Midmark and the family of sterilizers is called “Ritter”.  Ultraclave is a branding name, probably trying to separate themselves from their competitors.

Midmark M11 and M9 Differences

The M11 and M9 models are similar enough in features and functions to have the same manual. The M9 sterilizer is slightly smaller.  There is a short overview of the two, including the smaller M3 found here.

The service manual from Midmark covers the specifics of error codes and troubleshooting too.  I’ve seen a lot of people who are lazy about keeping up the maintenance on their steam sterilizers.  My experience shows that these are the ones who have problems pop up.

Without further rambling on my part, here are the Q and A’s that keep popping up in my research.  If you have more questions, I usually only respond to Youtube comments on my Autoclave Reviews Channel – here.

 FAQ Section for Midmark’s M11

I see a lot of common questions for this autoclave, so I made this FAQ part to help out.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Midmark M11 Ultraclave?

  • This is a very important question when you are looking to buy and autoclave.  You need to have the counter space!  There must be an open and level depth of 21 in. (53.3 cm) and a width of 17.8 in. (45.2 cm).
  • The inside chamber is 11 in. by 18 in. (28 cm X 45.7 cm).  The total length with the plug included is: 23.8 in. (60.5 cm).  Its total width is 17.8 in. (45.2 cm).

Q: Does this sterilizer come with a warranty?

I believe that Midmark offers a one year warranty on their models.  You need to research this for yourself, though.  You may be buying from an online source that is not related to the Midmark Corporation and may not extend their warranty.  Be sure to read the fine print and ask questions.

I have said this in a few places, but also make sure you know whether it is a refurbished machine or new one.  (It’s important, that’s why I repeat it!)

Q: Where can I find a more detailed description for this autoclave?

You can find the dimensions, power settings, and complete specs on Midmark’s site (here).  I also made a short video covering the most important points you can check out.

Q: What are the basic operating instructions?

The M9 and M11 are similar enough that this video from Midmark combines the two:

Q: Help! What are these damn error codes?

The first digit says where the problem occurred.  The second number shows what happened.  The last digit tells you when it happened (during start up or a cycle).  Here is the full table from the manual.  Don’t panic!  Just work through and troubleshoot different parts within your area of knowledge.

Don’t attempt repairs!  It is very dangerous and should be handled by a trained tech or proper Biomed people.

Midmark M11 M9 Error Codes

Also, a complete description of the error meanings can be found in the manual (at this link).

Q: I need Midmark M11 or M9 parts!  Where can I find them quick?

We can find anything on Amazon, including autoclave parts!  Also, check out, run a Google search and they will list all of their partner medical supply sites.  If you are having trouble finding something, look the part number up on the manual or company website and search that.

Q: How do I clean my Midmark M11?

As with any piece of equipment, if you take care of it daily, it will have a long life.  This will save you money in the long run! These are the recommended cleaning steps to take every day for this autoclave.

These machines are under a lot of stress throughout the work day, so they really need the attention.  Also, there is a more in depth, monthly procedure for cleaning that is suggested here:

Q: How much does the Midmark M11 typically cost?

I recommend researching different sites and companies to find the best price for this bench top sterilizer.  Some good bargains can also pop up on Amazon, so check that out.  You want to be aware that many refurbished models are out there, too.  Be on the lookout for that detail, so you don’t buy a used one thinking it’s new!

Thanks for checking out this page.  I hope it helped answer some questions and help you along with your autoclave buying, research, or troubleshooting needs.