Stainless Steel “Pressure Cooker” Autoclaves Compared

Today I am comparing two sterilizers that work on the stove top and with submerged thermal units that you plug in to an outlet.  They are pretty much the big brothers of pressure cookers.  Here is my video which detail the two stainless steel autoclaves.  One is by Orion Motor Tech and the other from OLizee.

They work the same way.  Put some water in the bottom.  Place your instrument racks on top.  Secure the six thumb screws on top.  Then heat it on a stove top and plug in the submerged thermal tube while monitoring the pressure and temp.

OLizee and Orion Motor Tech are the two competing 4.7 gallon (17.8L) stainless steel autoclaves in my focus.  They can sterilize a large capacity of medical or other instruments at once.  They are simple, large capacity autoclaves that you can find in the $200 range on Amazon.  Both use six thumb screws to secure their lids and have a temperature and pressure gauge.

A loud hissing goes off when the pressure release valve blows, so be prepared for that if you buy one!  It’s a standard safety feature to keep them from exploding, so that’s nice.

Features of the Olizee Autoclave

OLizee Portable Autoclave

  • Inner size: 11 in. diameter, 9 in. height
  • Entirely made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and a long life.
  • (2) 5 star ratings on Amazon.
  • Heat on top of a gas, coal, or wood stove.
  • Rapid cooling system
  • Interior circulation system
  • Air release valve and safety valve are double safety features.
  • Temperature gauge also displays pressure.
  • Heating speed is increased with its submerged thermal tube that runs on electricity while heating on the stove top.  The part exiting the bottom left is the cord plug for the thermal tube.

Orion Motor Tech Sterilizer Details

Orion Motor Tech Autoclave

  • Made of heavy duty stainless steel.
  • Size: inner diameter = 11.5 in. height = 11 in.
  • The lid has a steam release and safety valve.
  • Pressure and temperature gauge so you can track your sterilization cycle.
  • Ability to heat with a coal, gas, or electric stove.
  • Voltage: 110V


You can see how similar the two sterilizers are from my video and descriptions.  The glaring issue is inner chamber sizes.  Orion wins in that department.  So, if you have instruments longer than nine inches or want to maximize capacity, this is the better autoclave match for you.

I give my opinion about these devices in the video above, so check that out.  Basically, I think if you do multiple decontamination – sterilization cycles per day, you should consider an autoclave machine like Tuttnauer’s Valueklave, or a cassette run sterilizer like a Midmark M3 or Statim.  Of course, it is up to you.  Make sure to follow the instructions for full steam sterilization.

I haven’t found enough customer reviews to get a clear picture in that direction, yet.

Thanks for reading.  I hope this helps you out.