Tuttnauer 2340m: Sterilizer Details (with Specifications)

Tuttnauer’s 2340M is their manually operated, table top steam sterilizer with a 9 inch diameter chamber.  The newest version of this autoclave has a white front and a blue panel on the right, like in the picture.

Tuttnauer 2340M manual autoclave
The new version of 2340M

Manual sterilizers are run by turning dials on the front of the autoclave.  There is also a 2340MK version, which seems to be discontinued because I’ve only seen old looking ones and the manual on Tuttnauer’s site only shows a 2540MK now.  The “M” stands for manual and the “K” makes it a Kwiklave, so it is faster.

Looking for the service manual?  You can find it here.  This steam sterilizer is designed to supplement a medical facility and is great for surgical clinics, dentists’ offices, tattoo offices, and any other shop that needs to sterilize a large amount of gear.

Similar Autoclaves to the 2340M

  • Midmark M9 automatic: Same chamber size sterilizer from the Midmark corporation, but an automatic (one button push) machine.
  • Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave: This is a slightly smaller manual sterilizer and a great selling budget machine.
  • Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10: These autoclave machines are similar in size to the 2340, but are automatic, computer run.  That means instead of being operated by dials, it is a one button push.  The automated sterilizers are always more expensive because their computer components are always more complicated.

Dimensions and Specs

  • Weight: 85 lbs. (39 kg.)
  • Total dimensions: 21.5 in. x 20 in. x 14.4 in. (54.5 cm x 51.0 cm x 36.5 cm)
  • Chamber size: 9 in. x 18 in. (23.0 cm x 47.0 cm)
  • Chamber volume: 5 gal. (19 Liters)
  • Standard cassettes: 2 full and 2 half
  • Number of trays: 3
  • Tray dimensions: 16.3 in x 6.7 in x 0.8 in (41.5 cm x 17.0 cm x 2.0 cm)
  • Unwrapped cycle time: 27 min. (cold start), 13 min. (hot start)
  • Voltage: 120V, Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 1400W, Current: 12A

Features of the 2340M Sterilizer

  • New bright panel
  • Pressure gauge
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor (new machines, check your vendor)
  • Has the needed international certifications
  • Machine is protected by overheating with a dual safety thermostat
  • Water drain is at front of machine for quick draining of the reservoir.
  • Door is prevented from opening when the chamber is pressurized with a dual safety lock.
  • The autoclave shuts off automatically after sterilization cycle and drying cycle.
  • Inner part of door and chamber are electro polished for long life.

So, to summarize, Tuttnauer has been a leader in quality and durable steam sterilizers for decades.  The 2340M model is a good medium size compared to others.  It is also a great value that will deliver safe infection and disease control for your business.

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