Tuttnauer 2540m Manual Steam Sterilizer Overview

The Tuttnauer 2540m sterilizer is a bench top, steam pressure model for processing instruments such as: dental and surgical tools, tattoo needles, nail salon gear, etc.  The “M” means it is manually run by knobs on the front.

Tuttnauer 2540M AutoclaveThis is opposed to the automatic autoclaves that are electronically controlled with preset temps and times.  The manual versions bring the prices down, but don’t sacrifice on quality, in general.

Here are answers to the top questions I see about the 2540M

Video Overview of this Steam Sterilizer

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This is a table top autoclave that sterilizes wrapped and unwrapped instruments in trays.  It’s used by dental, medical, veterinary, tattoo offices, and labs where sterile instruments are used.

The inner chamber is heated with electricity and kills germs and bacteria with steam put mechanically under pressure.  This is the same process most autoclaves use to sterilize or decontaminate gear.

The whole water reservoir has to be heated for the cycle to do its job.  The working temperature range for this steam sterilizer is from 212F to 273F, so it can process instruments sensitive to heat.  Also, the hotter cycle can work faster on more tolerant items.  (I like the versatility of that.  It’s a cool feature.)

Different Series Types of the 2540 Sterilizer

This sterilizer also comes in a Kwiklave M (called KM) series.  The dimensions, parts, and features of the “M” and “KM” are the same.  The only difference is that the KM heats up much quicker.  This is useful if your office is sterilizing a lot of instruments and needs to run through cycles quickly.

With the 2540KM model, you need a higher voltage than the M model at 220 – 235 volts.  You may need a buck/boost transformer.  I would just ask an electrician or do a bit more autoclave research on your own!

Dimensions of the Tuttnauer 2540M

  • 10″ X 19″ chamber size.  These dimensions are close to the Midmark M11 autoclave, which is 11″ X 18″.
  • Six gallon reservoir volume.
  • 21.5″ depth X 20″ width X 14.4″ height – Make sure you have the counter space!
  • Holds three full and three half standard sterilizing cassettes.
  • Four trays, each – 16.3″ depth X 6.7″ width X 0.8″ height
  • 85 pound shipping weight.  Be careful.  Safety first!

Autoclaves Similar to the 2540

There are a few sterilizers by this company that are similar in function and size.  There is a 2340M model which is most similar to the 2540M, but slightly smaller.

I also see the 3870EA version compared to these two.  The 3870 is much larger and an automatic model.  The 3870 vs 2540 prices will be about $12,000 vs $4,000, respectively.

Some Warranty Details

(From the user manual) Tuttnauer covers parts and labor on new models for one year.  This applies to materials and workmanship errors on all parts except for the door gasket and HEPA (particle) filters within the machine.  These two items are “wear items” and will need to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Also, the inside chamber is covered against defects for ten years.  This warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, altering the autoclave, or using it in an improper way.  This could be voided if not sold by an authorized dealer.  Of course, read the full manual since this page is a summary of info.

Features of the Tuttnauer 2540M Sterilizer

  • Door and chamber are “electro polished” for longer life.  (You may want to research this further.)
  • Protection from overheating with a dual thermostat.
  • Auto shutoff at the completion of sterilizing AND drying cycles.
  • Water reservoir drain valve is at the front for easy flushing and cleaning.
  • When chamber is pressurized, a dual safety lock seals the door shut for safety.
  • This sterilizer holds international certifications that are listed in the next section fully.
  • Unwrapped instruments cycle length from cold start: 30 min; from hot start: 14  min.
  • Electrical requirements: 120volt, 50/60Hz., 1400W., 12A

Standards of this Machine

Here is the list of standards for this sterilizer listed from the user manual.

  • FDA cleared
  • L61010-1 General Safety
  • L61010-2-041 Particular Safety for Autoclave
  • NISO9001:2008 – Quality System
  • SO13485:2003 – Quality Systems – Medical devices.

What is the Tuttnauer 2540M Made of?

  • Chamber: electro polished 316L stainless steel
  • Door: CF8 stainless steel
  • Trays: 304 stainless steel
  • Door handle: thermal insulated plastic

That’s it for my overview of this table top steam sterilizer.  The Midmark M11 is also close to the 2540 models in size and function, so check that one out too.

I hope this article answered your questions, whether you are looking to buy one for your office, or trying to fix yours!  Let me know in the comments if you have any more autoclave questions.  I can keep adding details to this page to make it more helpful.

As a word of safety, please don’t try to repair sterilizers and parts if it is not an easy process covered in the Tuttnauer 2540m service manual.  Simple troubleshooting has saved my ass in the past.  But, autoclaves deal with high heat, pressure, and moisture which all compound the danger in an electrical device.  Safety first always people!

Thanks for reading.  You can do me a huge favor by sharing this page or site around the web or with your colleagues.  Check out my Youtube videos here, too.  Have a good one.