Tuttnauer Company Profile Overview and Contact Info

Tuttnauer has been in existence since 1925, showing its longevity.  Right now, it is based in Hauppauge, New York.  Tuttnauer USA is a subsidiary of Tuttnauer Ltd.

  • Europe phone number: (31) 76 5423510
  • US phone number: (800) 624 – 5836

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Quick Company Overview

Tuttnauer’s specialty is infection control through its line of autoclaves, (also called steam sterilizers) and other machines and products.  That’s why I am detailing their info here.

Steam sterilizers prevent harmful microbes, fungus, and disease cross contamination between patients.  Some of the settings where you can find their autoclaves (and other company’s autoclaves) are:

  • Hospitals: Surgical instruments and gear must be sterile when it comes into contact with an open wound.
  • Universities: Research facilities need sterile items to avoid contamination of their experiments, data, and biological samples.
  • Surgical clinics: Sterilizers are found in surgeon’s offices and other small locations where surgery is performed.
  • Dentists’ offices: Dental hand pieces need a specially rated type of autoclave, so keep that in mind if you are working for a dentist.
  • Research institutes: A variety of reasons exist for sterility, much like universities.
  • Laboratories: In addition to sterilizing things like petri dishes and glassware, labs need to decontaminate hazardous waste.  Sometimes this is done with Tuttnauer’s large 3870elv autoclave.
  • Veterinary offices: Our furry friends deserve sterile instruments and items, too!

Tuttnauer has a reputation for durability and reliability.  Their machines are on the high priced end, but you get the quality you pay for.  They are also widely used across the world.  That is why I’ve focused my first AutoclaveReviews.com research pages on a few Tuttnauer machines.

This is a video from Tuttnauer’s Youtube channel that was done by them as an intro to their business:

Based on my couple of months of autoclave research, they seem to be a leader in the infection control industry.