The Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10 Automatic Autoclaves Detailed

Tuttnauer EZ10 AutoclaveThe Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10 autoclaves are automated, table top machines.  Automatic means it is one run with a touch of the button and has preset cycles with their own time, temp, and pressure.

These are the same sterilizers except for their chamber sizes.  This article and video below is going to cover the features, specs, and differences between these sterilizers.

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EZ9 and EZ10 Video on Their Features and Specs:

Overview of the Tuttnauer EZ Series

The Tuttnauer EZ10 is one of the “EZ” group of sterilizers which also includes the EZ9 and EZ11 models.  These are automated autoclaves.  Automatic means a full sterilization cycle is run at the touch of a button.  It is “set and forget”.  This automation is the main difference between Tuttnauer’s “EZ” series of autoclaves and their 2340m and 2540m cousins.

In contrast, those two autoclaves are manually operated.  Their sterilization cycles  are run by dials on the front of the machine.  When the cycle is complete, you crack the door open to dry the gear inside.

Common Features of the EZ9 and EZ10

  • The EZ series of Tuttnauer sterilizers uses an active drying system in the chamber.  This active system is more reliable for evenly drying all the packs and wrapped gear after the sterilization cycle.  It also limits possible contamination during the drying cycle since the door remains closed.
  • HEPA air filter, which is replaceable.  This aids the active drying feature in limiting contaminants that enter the chamber.
  • The inner chambers:  made of stainless steel grade 316L.  They are also electro-polished, which extends the life of the metal.  This provides more resistance to moisture, pressure, and deposits.
  • Pre-set sterilization cycles: wrapped instruments and packs, unwrapped gear, and a drying cycle.
  • Custom sterilization cycles: program and save your own custom parameters.
  • Bright blue display for easy viewing.
  • Alerts: Visual and audio in case a cycle is interrupted.
  • Pressure and temperature are constantly monitored when a cycle is running.
  • Double door locking mechanism when chamber is pressurized.
  • Ability to sterilize dental hand pieces because of its 501k clearance.
  • Water sensor: blocks the cycle when water is low.  This prevents damage to this Tuttnauer autoclave.
  • Recovery system in case of power outage.
  • Front water drain valve makes it easy to empty and clean the machine.
  • Optional printer for documentation of instrument sterilization.
  • Two year parts and labor warranty.  (Check with your dealer.  Maintenance must be done according to the manual, too.)

The Size Difference Between These Sterilizers

The EZ10 and EZ9 are similar in functions and features.  Their only difference is in the sizes and number of trays that each can hold.  There are also variations in the “K” models, which sterilize faster, but require higher electrical voltage.  You can also get an optional printer with each.

This is a graphic I made for the difference in this family of sterilizers.  The “Unwrapped Time” section means the processing times are from a “cold” autoclave start or “hot” start.  This means whether the machines’ water reservoir has been pre-heated or not.

Tuttnauer EZ9 and EZ10 Specs

I think that about covers the Tuttnauer EZ version of steam sterilizers.  I learned a ton researching these ones and hope it helped you in some way.  Leave a comment if you have more questions.